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The Mower Gang Is Quite Busy

Every Other Wednesday Evening
The Mower Gang mows every other Wednesday after work. These events are organized using our Facebook page. It is usually an informal post on the Detroit Mower Gang’s wall that says “Hey dudes, I’m going to mow at ____________ park on Wednesday after work. Anyone want to join me?” A post like this will usually garner about 4-8 guys and the park will get mowed. Click here to see if anything is going on...

The Motown Mowdown
On May 25th, 2013 we held the first ever 24 hour mow-a-thon. It will be sorta like LeMans but slower. We mowed as many parks as we can in a 24 hour period. It’s such a big event that we have created a webpage about just it, or you can go right to the event page on Facebook and let us know you’ll be there. It was a big success, so we will probably have another one in 2014, but this time we may quit after 12 hours.

We usually plan one larger event per month. These events include some type of event or contest and are more elaborate. Just like a biker rally, we can have a cookout, a nighttime event, a chain saw party, a bonfire, scavenger hunt, maze mowing, all sorts of things are possible at these events. These events are planned using the “Events” tab on our facebook page. While weekly mows usually just involve hard work and the reward of a job well done, the monthly events are usually more fun and thus more attractive to friends and families. A typical monthly event will have 20-40 people, sometimes more. Click here and it might bring you to the correct place.

Future Plans and Goals:
This will be our third year and it looks like a good one. We are starting off the year with some great publicity with an appearance on Bizarre Foods. Without getting into specifics, (specific events will be listed on the Facebook page) the gang plans to get out there and make sure the kids of Detroit have outdoor places to play. Our two main parks are Dorais Playground (and the velodrome there) and O-Shea Playground. Dorais has a velodrome and a very large garden, O-Shea has a tall-grass maze that we have created and maintain. We will try our best to keep these two large parks in great repair this year. We also try to branch out and mow 6 or so other playgrounds. In these cases we don’t often mow areas as large as a football field, but we try to make sure the playground area is mowed and is visible from the street and from nearby houses.

The Mower Gang is Sponsored by because Tom, the mower gang founder (leader?) owns
Also Husqvarna USA is a sponsor because they donated a really fast lawn tractor to our group.
BulletSafe provides some of our gang members with Bulletproof vests to keep us safe.